• I fell too hard for you

    by  • December 4, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    We were supposed to be just friends with benefits, but now we have to turned out to be so much more. Ever since I realized I am in love with you, and you told me that you loved me too, its all I can think about. I worry about being too touchy or clingy with you, but all I want to do is caress your face and down your arms, play with your hair, hug you, snuggle into your neck and kiss you all day. I wish you were a little better with not being so shy, so we could. Trust me, I love just hanging out with you, it makes me so happy. Especially since we are best friends, so we can just lay around and watch movies, or walk the dogs, or just talk. It’s not all about the physical stuff. I just love touching you, being as close to you as I can. You are so beautiful and sweet, just talking about you gets a smile on my face. It worries me a little how hard I fell for you, because its definitely not what I expected, and I don’t think you did either. Plus, what if you move? Or what if I do? Anything can happen in this life. What if this all has to stop? What will that do to my heart? What if we stopped being best friends? I’ve already lost one best friend in a way recently (you know who I mean).What if I do something to ruin this? I’m so awkward sometimes, and I know I can be overbearing because of my self confidence and personal issues. I’m getting better, but I know sometimes its hard to be around me. What if I do something that’s not okay with you? Sigh…….. I know I worry too much. I have always worried so much. I need to stop overthinking, and just enjoy my time with you. My mom says, its not the things you do and regret, it’s the things you don’t do and regret. (I could disagree in a few instances!) But this, being with you, in not something I regret. And probably will never, even if I do lose you. I guess all I’m saying is I’m so thankful for you. For being my best friend, for caring for me so much, and being so understanding of me and everything. I love you.

    (I wish I could send this to you, but Im such a chicken.)

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