• Skype V.S. The Real Thing.

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    We’ve been skyping since when? End of January this year?
    We’ve only actually been together twice.
    I can already tell you, being together is way better. And not for the obvious reasons.
    This is a pro and con list of each:

    Being together for real.
    -We’re actually together.
    -I can kiss you.
    -I can hold you.
    -I can hug you.
    -I can touch you.
    -I can inhale your scent.
    -We can just stare at each other.
    -I can see your beautiful smile.
    -I can look into your eyes and actually see their beautiful color.
    -I can feel your hand in mine.
    -I can feel your hand on my face.
    -I feel completely comfortable.
    -Everything feels natural.
    -I can actually lay with you.
    -We can cuddle.
    -I have the courage to actually say certain things on my mind.
    -I get to hear your soft beautiful voice whisper in my ear.
    -I hardly ever blush.
    -I don’t feel nervous at all.
    -Having to say goodbye, not knowing when you’ll actually be able to come back.

    Cons: 1

    -I can see you and your cuteness.
    -I can hear your beautiful voice.
    -It’s a better solution than talking on the phone.
    -Sometimes we “sleep” together.
    -Sometimes we get a bit nude.
    -By doing so, I get the natural/comfortable feeling.
    -I can see your beautiful smile.
    -We can still blow kisses and make hearts.
    -Some of our most important conversations happened on Skype.

    -Every time we’re about to skype, I get super nervous. Dunno why. Almost as if something bad’s going to happen. And it never goes away unless I’m assured nothing bad is happening. Sometimes we go a whole 2 hour conversation and the feeling never goes away.
    -The bad feeling includes:
    -Nausea(on and off).
    -My heart races.
    -My hands and feet are cold and clammy but the rest of my body is really warm.
    -I blush REALLY hard.
    -I don’t feel like I can smile like I should.
    -I get this way (and it’ll stay) when you do things like not seeming interested in the little chat before you call and not seeming completely interested in the call itself either.
    -Sometimes I feel like you’re hiding something/holding back saying something.
    -I do that too because most things on my mind, I’m too afraid to say.
    -People will text you and you’ll usually tell me who it is except tonight. Tonight someone kept repeatedly texting you and you’d ignore it for a while but when you’d read it, you looked upset. Then you looked at me as if you had something to say. I asked what it was and you sighed and said, “I don’t know.” And I asked again what it was. You said that your friend was texting you, wanting you think up an original riddle for them. Why look so upset over that?
    -It’s easy for you to hide anything from me.
    -I can’t hug you, nor kiss you.
    -I can’t cuddle, hug or hold you.
    -I can’t actually lay with you when we “sleep” together.
    -The goodbye comes much sooner than when you’re really here.

    Pros: 9
    Cons: 16 (counting sub-cons)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy that we click together EVEN BETTER together than when we did on skype.
    And skype has actually saved our relationship.
    Without it, I don’t think we’d be where we are today.
    But obviously, there’s clear a difference here.
    I hope we can stay together long enough to see the future in which we live together, like you asked for me to.
    Because we’re obviously a better couple when together than through a screen.

    I wish gas wasn’t so expensive.
    I wish I could drive, too.
    Then I could see you every weekend,
    And I wouldn’t have to skype feeling this way.

    Do I tell you this is how it feels for me?
    Or do I always keep it a secret?

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