• It’s your fault

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    To the worst ‘father’,
    After everything that happened, I thought you’d be there for me. I thought I would be able to count on you to be my father. I didn’t want or expect a lot from you, I just wanted my dad. You have another family and you’re happy to be around them, I’m happy for you but it hurts to know that when I needed you the most, you were never there. You hurt her a lot with your lies and promises, she got tired of it and left. She’s in a better place, away from all of her problems and you. But its your fault she’s gone, you ruined our lives and I’ll never forgive you. When mom died and you brought your wife, I realized how heartless you are. You never treated me like a daughter and I should’ve realized that you wouldn’t have changed.
    It’s almost 4 years she died and I haven’t heard from you in months and I wouldn’t have seen you at all in the past 3 years if I didn’t call numerous times. I know you don’t owe me anything, you gave up your rights and I shouldn’t expect any calls, but I’m still your daughter. My life has changed, I have parents, sisters, aunts and cousins who all love me and I have everything that I need or want. But somehow, it doesn’t help because I still cry myself to sleep every night, I miss her. You didn’t deserve her, you treated her like shit and beat her. You hurt us, you never loved us. You don’t deserve to be called my father because you’ve done nothing for me. I’ve tried not to hate you, but I do.

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