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    I shouldn’t care at this point. In less than two months, it’ll be a year since we broke up. We’re still friends and I should be happy with that because you have a girlfriend who (as you’ve informed me) is lovely, and I’ve had a boyfriend who wasn’t quite as lovely.
    But I still care. A lot.
    I can’t listen to my iTunes half of the time because of all the songs that all of a sudden just are you, whether they’re from when the love was mutual or whether it’s now. I’m afraid to ask you to hang out, because I don’t want to push my boundaries and push you away. I just want you back because even though I’ve gotten better at not feeling punched in the gut every day, I still love you way too much.
    And you over there, you still just see me as a friend. An awkward relationship. Sometimes I’m a girl you can flirt with and still kind of like, but I can’t be that now because of your girlfriend. So when can we go back? To 4 AM video calls and texting all day and you being the one to want to talk to me, and maybe even to seeing you when I can? When can we go back to that? Because even if you don’t see it, plenty of people do… We’re going to continue to be a great couple, together or not. So realize it, and please love me again.

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