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    I am at my ends wit. I’ve have done just about all I can. You break my Soul time & time again. That’s worse than breaking my heart. I give the room I think you need. I give you all the physical love possible. But you are still not happy. Yes I shouldn’t want anything thing in return but really a bit of affection here is all that is needed for our love to keep flourishing. But you don’t even care to see that. You blame me that our love is not working. I always try to adjust to your needs always. Why are you even with me or have me around? It seems like now a days the only thing we are good at is amazing sex. But I am sure that can be found somewhere else. Speaking of that. Once you notice that someone else is even giving me the time of day you tend to then pay some kinda attention to me. You then blame me that it is my fault that someone else is even interested in me. You make me feel so ugly about myself. Recently its gotten worse. To be loved the way I love you anyone one would kill for it. But you don’t see it. You are always so angry very angry. Everything bothers you. If anything is outta place you flip. You yell with such anger over the simplest things. Hell if it doesn’t matter tomorrow or 5 years from now why be so angry?
    I sat here about an hour ago and just looked into you eyes. Fucken scary !!!!! But I won’t tell you what I seen. O well let see what changes. I am just really at my ends wit. Know somewhere out someone loves for who I am. Someone cares enough to listen to my every thought feeling and emotion. Just like I am willing to listen to them. To show them just how much affection they deserve. I just hope its not to late to notice me. Before this person comes and secretly takes me away!
    I love you

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