• Screwed

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    Thing is we should have been really close friends before we got too close by being a couple :(. If we break up, I want us to be really close friends (I know I am not cool nor do your friends think either), but I will suffer in letting you go…and seeing you start something better than what we had which is why usually I cannot remain in contact with my exes. There is always going to be someone better for my significant other, other than me, in the sense that you two will be happier together than we ever were. Why can I not be happy and fun with who I’m with?? God help me be a better person, help me rise to social status, please. He is really trying to help and it shows that he is caring and it is something I do not want to lose, yet I am being too immature for this relationships at this age. If I keep it up, he will believe my poor qualities are too poor to be with. Don’t worry, just keep smiling; be happy; lie to myself and feel crude inside; accept the fact that another girl will be better than me; wait for him to break up with you when the time comes and take the hit? Like his mother? But then I would have lived a real life?

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