• i’ll always love you

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    I’ll always love you, i always have, i always will! we were perfect, still are.
    we ended because your job was taking you to different countries you go in january but we met today and i have not been this happy in months i miss you i miss everything about you how we cuddled, how you would look at me and touch me. Please dont go or if you go please come back for me il finish uni next year then we can go. You will be back in the summer for 3 months please stay with me those 3 months you love me as much as i love you we were and still are so in love with each other its soo ridiculous that a job has separated us. You were meant to be my life, it was always you and me, it was always you i planned my future with and could imagine beside me experiencing things with. Please come back to me i cant bare being with anyone else or seeing you with someone else can we just meet up a few times and still talk until you go. we met up for the first time in months and i miss everything! i was scared to be near you i just wanted to hold your hand how we used to just linking our little fingers but i was afraid. its weird like this, its almost like i have you but i don’t. it will never be fair if you please just wait il finish uni by june 2014 please dont meet anyone else please dont fall in love with someone else please dont make the plans we made with another girl please its all i ask just i know its meant to be us and no one else. just until i finish and we can sort everything out il come to Australia as soon as im done and if its all fallen apart by then il let you go but until then please just be mine

    i love you, im in love with you xxx

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