• If you say NO more

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    I really miss YOU. I would like to know if YOU missed me? I was here studying for finals and started to day dream about YOU. Then I thought to myself should I keep writing to YOU. Does my real letters have too much information. It’s the only way to communicate with YOU. You’re in another state
    Right now as I am also. The problem is that the missionary place YOU work for does not allow contact with the outside state people. I am okay with that. Yes frustrating at times that I can’t just pick up the phone and say “Hi Dave how are YOU doing? How are YOU feeling? Are YOU OK? I want to contact YOU cuz I really do deeply care for YOU. If YOU don’t understand this after 5 yrs than I must give off the wrong message. YOU might feel that YOU are the only one giving into this. But no I just never know which way to approach YOU. YOU have that affect on me. I Love YOU because I want nothing but the BEST for YOU. I would sacrifice anything for YOU to Love me. Even if it is to Love YOU from afar. I would never hurt YOU in anyway shape or form. Yes I am deeply in Love YOU but all I can do is LOVE YOU from afar. I guess should I keep writing to YOU. Is the facility YOU. Work for giving YOU my letters. Only YOU know, right?
    The one who is quietly deeply in LOVE with YOU

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