• Gone. Left. Something.

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    A new school and new friends, you were there. You didn’t like me, you tell me this now but I had no idea. I thought you were cute, not hot or sexy, but cute. Then we became friends, you were there for me when I fell for your best friend, you told me that he’d break my heart, he did. And when he did, you slowly and carefully picked up the pieces without a single “I told you so”. Then summer came along with the news that I was moving again. You told me you miss me more then you could imagine (i thought you were being nice) and you said you loved me (i thought as a friend). I moved, I fit in at my new school better then I ever had at the old one, but there was something missing. You. We still talked, you were the only one who still tried to talk with me. And slowly I realized I loved you (not as a friend, but more). How do I tell you that I love you, when I already say it everyday, but as a friend. It wouldn’t matter anyways because you have HER. If I weren’t worried about sounding petty and jealous I’d tell you how much she resembles an albino rat, but I won’t. She hates me, our friendship is crumbling because of her. But thinking about a friendship isn’t really what I want anymore. I won’t tell you this but I love you. You and only you. Always and forever.

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    1. Victoria
      December 4, 2012 at 10:58 am

      Be strong.



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