• Am I crazy for loving you?

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    Am I crazy for loving you?
    You came over.
    And we made love.
    You had to leave.
    You always have to leave..
    You left another item this time.
    Before it was deodorant,
    This time a toothbrush…
    I can’t figure you out.
    You say we are friends… But more.
    You treat me like I am the most important thing…
    That week you spent every day with me,
    After day two,
    I loved you.
    And you always have to go.
    Is there someone else?
    I have someone.
    Someone besides you.
    He loves me.
    But he’s afraid.
    I don’t know what to do.
    When you are here,
    It feels so right.
    You even said so.
    And when you put your arms around me…
    Touch my stomach with the baby growing inside…
    It feels so right.
    I love you.
    Am I crazy for loving you?
    Are you just stringing me along?
    Am I just vulnerable?
    Am I naive?
    I want to be with you.
    Am I crazy for loving you?

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