• Soon, I hope

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    I thought about you all morning. In my daydream, you were there beside me in my bed, holding me close to you. It was summer. We were warm, we were happy, and we loved each other. Then we kissed, and it was the best kiss I have ever experienced – so good, in fact, that after the initial shock of two best friends becoming lovers, we kissed all day long.

    But you see, I’m afraid that I have ruined the chances of this ever becoming a reality. First, we have been best friends forever. Second, I rejected you before I considered how wonderful a relationship with you would actually be. Third, you’re with someone else now – but can’t you see that she isn’t good enough for you? She treats you terribly, she walks all over you in hopes that it will make her seem hard to get, as “mature” as you want your girl to be. It’s not right, it hurts to see that. I can’t stand the thought of you kissing her or holding her hand or cuddling with her like you did with me. I just can’t.

    When I’m ready to finally admit this to you, I really hope you’ll understand. I hope this happens soon, because I really really love you.

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    1. anonymous
      December 1, 2012 at 1:37 pm

      Better tell before it’s too late.

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