• masha

    by  • December 1, 2012 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    I can’t believe it. part of me is in denial. how could u make me feel so bad about accussing you about fucking guys in israel when i was right? that’s a cold hearted move. i’ve been nothing but honest with you since we broke up but all u have done is lie. i don’t get it. i hope u read this letter it spretty simple. you broke my heart beyond repair but you get to sit there and be hapy with your new boyfriend. i turned down so many girls and denied so many people because i somehow thought that, that made me a better person and youd see it and relize that dam i love this kid. but these are all bullshit now. i learned about how you have had a new guy this whole time. even when u promised me when i got better we would try it again. word can’t describe how dissappointed i am with you. i’m not mad or jealous you have a new guy. just the fact you straight lied to my face and me feel like shit when it was all true. i was head over heels for you and now it’s nothing. u broke my fucking soul. but i guess that’s what it takes. i could tell you were different when i saw you for dinner. you have some ego now. hope it’s working for you but i didn’t like it one bit. we both changed but you ended up being jsut like me. the only difference is i regret my actions. i don’t wish your happy someone like you has some fucked up shit that you live with. but hey keep on keeping on. i’m the fool to ever think that you were worth my efforts of trying to get better for. i’m over that now. bring on the hell. i don’t do well with this type of shit. you moved on so fast that i feel like i never meant anything to you. 2 years wasted. i’m sitting here regreting ever meeing you. can’t say i wasn’t warned though. everyone told me you were a skank but i couldn’t believe it. u had me fooled. and now it’s all true and i was the fool. i fucking love you and i would done anything for you. i didn’t go out or party to make you think i’ve changed. i denied beautiful women multiple times because i thought that would make you want me again. but none of that matters now. you’ve moved on and have a new guy. that hurts. but i can’t live with the shit you lied about. so farewell to you i guess i’ll put down my walls and actually let someone else in now. because god knows you aint worth it. have fun being you. i heard your friends talking shit on you that sucks i guess u piss alot of people off but that’s only what i hear. making people sleep on the floor while u fuck a guy when they came to visit you is some cold shit. i hope u grow up and realize ur not the center of the world but it’s not my lesson to teach you. you broke my heart, fuck it you destoryed my soul. but hey life moves on and unfortunately u will never be there for any part of it. i hate you for that. you’ll see it all one day. and even though i’m going through the worst time in my life and getting this dropped on me the one that i was being good for i’m still gunna keep on, that’s a lie i’m gunna go and fuck every girl and go to jail and lose my license cuz i can’t deal with you. it’s the sad truth. u fucked me up. -ryan

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