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    Dear you,

    someday you will find someone that will care about you. But beyond caring about you the one person and wants to know everything about you and will drop anything for you. To them you will be the world. You will finally be treated right the way you deserve to be the way you have been treating others your whole life. So dont stop giving and giving because someday it will all be returned to you. Don’t give up even though its so hard right now and you have no clue where you are going. And stop thinking you are not pretty because you are a great catch anyone would want you its just at this time and the phase of your life all that guys want is girls that do things (sluts) and your not about that and that is what makes you special. You are worth waiting for and you will get the love that you deserve but now all you have to do is live and go on. So do not let the world change you be you and when the time is right it will all take place. you are worth more than you know to someone who is wishing and dreaming about you. So smile and live your life to the fullest. <3

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