• A Confession–sort of.

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    Getting friend-zoned is bad, but getting on his bad side is even worse. Honestly, I don’t know what I did wrong…except I do, and he’ll most likely never forgive me for it. We’ve known each other all our lives. Literally. I’ve been in every single one of his classes ever since Kindergarten. I think we got sick of seeing each other. And I’m not going to lie–I am sick of him. He’s so popular–every girl in my class likes him or used to like him. Every. Single. One.

    Since I’ve known him all my life, it’s like we’re friends, except we were never close. He was annoying and I was short tempered and easily irritated. Yeah, that’s not a good combo. And to make it worse, everyone already assumes I’m friend-zoned and am buddy-buddy with him. I’m not and most likely will never be “tight” with him.

    It’s kind of silly. Out of all the girls in our class, I think I’m the one who’s crushed on him the longest. And it’s pathetic! People say we’re cute together since we often fight about nonsense and petty stuff. He’s rather stupid and insensitive to things like love and, well, me.

    He’s the perfect guy. And to add more confusion to this mess, he likes me. Well, I assume he likes me. He has a girlfriend, and it’s his habit to hit on girls, but lately, he’s been trying to get really close to me.

    When it’s gym time, he sets his bag next to mine when our lockers aren’t even close. He tries to engage in conversations with me and we end up yelling and fighting. He’s honestly trying, but I don’t think I can do this.

    See, our friends all think we “have a thing”, or well, his friends. My friends and some other girls in my class are being obnoxious and saying we don’t fit cause he’s out of my league. Bitch please, I’m out of his league, not the other way around. These “friends” are also the girls crushing on him.

    Over all, I’m really confused and I have no idea what I’m doing.

    Worst thing is, I don’t want to be in love right now. Yeah, my heart’s telling me otherwise though. He’s just so…annoying! He’s like the epitome of irritation and the perfect son-in-law. It’s just so complicated the way things are now. And everybody thinks I hate him and I sort of have to carry out my reputation as a cold hearted girl. And his girlfriend’s a bit…scary and stalkerish. Is my life a teenage drama or something? Seriously…this is so freaking annoying and complicated. I just want to curl into a ball and sleep. I want to dream and forget about this all cause dreams are usually nice and sweet and NOT COMPLICATED!

    So yeah. I kind of called him a lot of names because I was angry and confused and now we’re not talking anymore. Thank you life for being super easy to deal with.

    P.S. I sort of like you, but not really cause you’re a self centered jerk face.

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