• every exit is an entrance to somewhere new.

    by  • November 22, 2012 • To You • 0 Comments

    For the longest time, i was in love with the idea of us, of what we were and what we could be and where we would go, and inevitably, you. Or what I thought you were. What I thought WE were. Our romance was more than glamorous,the long distance trips to come see you, the excitement of you taking an eight hour bus trip just to ask me out and win me over. meeting up at the fair by chance on that summer night. walking through the city at night, partying together fabulously in upscale city apartments, watching storms from the army base’s roof. the most unbelievable physical, mental, and emotional connection i’ve ever experienced. I never thought something like that was even possible.you treated me like a queen, sending me flowers just because, giftcards for an over generous amount of money so i could have nice things, calls and voicemails just to tell me you were thinking about me and we could talk for hours. everything I could have ever dreamed for, but oh love is blind. When I look back on it, I’m glad I was blind then with what I saw. Because now, seeing how it really was and still is is absolutely heartbreaking.Back then, in my eyes you were perfect, I overlooked SO many things and let you talk me out of the things i secretly knew weren’t right, but chose to believe you anyways. What I saw the was the perfect man. What i see now, is a man who wasn’t ready to grow up, who always told me i should look like someone else, who i found on cheating websites, who plays video games all day and gets mad if i try to take his attention away from your computer for five minutes to talk to you.Someone who constantly makes me feel bad about things and is absolutely unreasonable and miserable and gets angry with me for asking you to put your dishes in the sink.Someone who is making me miss out on being with someone else absolutely amazing and would love to hold my hand and thinks i’m stunning. but i’m stuck, stuck with you. But, the moment i find a way out, you better believe i’m long gone. Because, every exit is an entrance to somewhere new.

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