• I think I love you

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    To whom it may concern,

    I know we started this with sex. I mean… the third time I saw you we fucked. However, I was more than flattered when you actually asked me out. I was ecstatic to have something substantial to rely on (as well as the sex). And I know that you told me, a few days ago, that you didn’t love me and that it won’t happen soon, but I think I love you. I think I’m starting to love you with all that I have in me and it hurts more than anything. But by God, I love you. You don’t make me self consious, you make me perfect. I am here to support you with all that I have, and I won’t let you fail.

    Ich würde Deutsch lernen für Sie. Ich würde in Deutschland mit Ihnen zu bewegen. Ich liebe dich.

    Je t’aime. Tu as les yeux d’etoiles.

    Ta jeune amant

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