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    I almost got into a car wreck today. I spun around in a circle in my car and almost smashed into a hillside. My last thoughts were ‘I don’t want to die like this’ and ‘I hope it’s quick’. The car stopped just short of impact. While nothing bad came of it, this event makes

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    In Regards to Gay Marriage

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    In Regards to Gay Marriage: Honestly, I don’t understand what everyone is so worked up about. Obviously, I am not talking about the gay community, for they have everything to be worked up about, but to everyone else who is opposing them, I say this, “What the hell is wrong with you? What is your

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    I like both…

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    Dear Everyone, I am coming to terms with the fact that, as a girl, I have been into girls, and sometimes am into them. I had a short fling with a girl two summers ago, and I really liked her, but my “friends” completely ostracized me for it. I was no longer invited to hang

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    The Best Revenge

    by  • November 13, 2012 • Anger • 1 Comment

    on somebody who hurt you, it’s to live your life in a positive way, to move on and be happy. Those who hurt will always come back to you to apologize for what they did to you. When they come back remember what they did EVERY SINGLE TIME. Forgive them but don’t let them back

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    I will save you.

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    Alzheimer’s runs in our family. Your grandmother had it. Your mother had it. As you are growing older, Nana, you are showing early signs of it, and that terrifies me. Sometimes you call my house phone, then two minutes later, you call my cell phone and tell me the exact same thing you said just

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    What the hell!

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    In my mind I thought different of you. but really I didn’t know you. You probably know me more than I do you. Or at least you think you do. I am appalled that such a rumor could come through your phone lines and make such an impact.. ! I just found out about this

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