• Dear L,

    by  • November 9, 2012 • To You • 0 Comments

    My mom had a diabetic stroke today and was taken by the ambulance to the hospital if my aunt didn’t find her sooner she could have gone into a coma. She has cancer and out of all the other things she has overcame eg. breast cancer and tumors this one is really taking its toll. she is dehydrated and might have kidney failure, her blood pressure is low she can’t even walk. My depression has been horrible, i’ve missed you everyday, i’ve thought about how you cheated and how much that hurts and even though everyone says to not take it personally i can’t help it. I know in this fucked up broken mind/heart of mine that you’re the one. The best advice i’ve gotten i was told that in the future we might be together and it would be amazing or i would find someone else and that would be amazing too. I’m trying to keep that in mind yet i don’t want to be someone who is married thinking about their true love and regretting not marrying them. I will see you again in the future, and i hope we can work things out and try again because despite the mistakes you’ve made even though it’s hard and i’m trying to cope with this in my unhealthy mental state of mind i know that you are one of the most lovely individuals in this world. You have showed me pure happiness, helped me in discovering who i am, and iyou will always have a piece of me with you. I can’t wait to see you again. In the meantime as much as i want to be in your arms i’m not going to try and call and cry to you about how my life is fucked up and my depression is sick, how i love you and miss you and pull out the pity card that my mom is sick, instead i’m going to do my best to live for myself and for my own passions and to reach my goals. I only hope that you can do the same. Best wishes, i’ll see you in the future.


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