• 4 months

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    It’s been 4 months, 4 very long months and I still have so many questions I do not even understand why it happened, why we hooked up? I was not available and was having a hard time, I only ever wanted a friend but you wanted to sleep with me, I am only a male if someone semi good looking wants to bang then hell yeah I am banging.

    I have seen the “famous DJ” you used to tell me you were dating while you slept with me, the guy is not famous in fact he’s a complete try hard, I was jealous of this guy when I used to think about that but now i’ve seen who he is I feel happy cause it makes me begin to question everything you ever told me.

    I start to see that yes you also are a bit ugly, I had rose tinted glasses on, You are 31 and you are not going no where it’s very sad.

    All I wanted was a friend who I could talk to, the physical stuff was not really needed as I had a casual friend other then you who knew about you and but did not want no relationship.

    It was kind of stink on you, as a few times i’d go over to her house before visiting you at yours and yep i’d bang you both, but then again you did tell me to go out and talk to girls, “go on the pull” you would say. So I did but what i do not get is that you would get jealous when I said I was also dating. very strange relationship we had glad it’s over life is so much better with out you in it, even the banging is better.

    So boom boom bang you later.

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