• Cat Errington.

    by  • September 26, 2012 • To You • 0 Comments

    This is the first and last thing I am going to write here, You have moved on, I have moved on I don’t think of you in anyway not as a friend, not someone who cares not nothing.

    Remember telling me I would never get anyone as hot as you ever again…. Guess what I have someone more beautiful then the world the love of my life who I will never depart from and who will always make me more happy then you ever could.

    you are a walking talking joke.. Ha you even thought I cared about you all you were was a bit of meat that connected with my body.

    I do now how ever have feelings I hate you, I don’t want nothing bad to happen to you but being with you destroyed a part of me. You tried to wrecked who I am but you failed. You did not and could not get the man who was married to feel as low, depressed and worthless as you are. And that is because you are cheap English trash.

    Yep this is partly my own fault but you really are nothing other then below average and you are no good at all in the sack the words that come to mind are dead fish, that is what you smell like and rock like.

    Good bye to a worthless shit and see you in hell.

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