• Round peg into a Square hole

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    What is this?

    This is ME we are talking about. I was raised and somehow I turned out like this. I can’t freaking help it! Impossible, stubborn, always right, awful temper, crass sense of humor, blunt to the point of rudeness sometimes, yeah so what?

    What the hell do all of you care? Oh because it’s shocking? Oh i’m built like a little doll so you expected me to act like one? I don’t make a man feel manly enough and i’m not delicate enough to be a woman?

    YOU LOVE ME! If you LOVE me, then some stupid idiot will come along and fall in love with me too, because really…i’m not that bad!!! If I was that bad, I wouldn’t have any friends, and i’d repel every single man within a visible radius, cos no matter how much they love to f*ck they hate not feeling like men right?

    I love being me. I don’t WANT to get married and squeeze out a couple of kids. I like my vagina intact and perfect. Yes I said vagina. Shoot me. I don’t care if child birth is a woman’s gift to the world.

    Don’t I have a choice? Oh ok, so I might have problems after 35. So you want me to find a husband…settle for some man (that most likely won’t be good enough) and pop one out so that I don’t have any regrets later on in life. Ok..filed away in the advice box.

    I don’t judge you for getting married and bitching about how imperfect your husbands are so don’t judge me because I choose not to be one of you. I don’t find your life of cuddling up to watch movies on the couch on the weekend, couple dinners and housework a very desirable situation to be in right now. I might one day, just not now. And yeah I look younger than I am, so I fool around with some young men from time to time and they’re really not good relationship material, but allow me to have some fun while my tits are still well above my knees yeah? I give you some great stories!

    I’m also really TIRED of turning down your match-making efforts in a polite manner. Why do you people become so intolerable once you’re in a relationship? Do you see yourselves changing? Do you even recognise yourselves when you look in the mirror?

    I’m fine…ok?

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