• I Hate You… But I Can’t Forget You

    by  • August 8, 2012 • To You • 0 Comments

    I remember the day i met you. You were sitting across from me in photography class and as everyone else in the class gathered around the table i could help but realize how we had never net before. I had seen you around before but we had never talked to each other, and now here we were in the same class. I remember on that day we didnt say a single word to each other. Little did i know that this day would be the start of something that would ruin my life as i knew it.

    I was dating someone at the time and after we got comfortable and started to get to know each other we both opened up a little. I talked to you about my boyfriend. This is when you told me that i shouldnt be dating him, i took no mind to this but i wish i had. Then i cheated on my boyfriend with you. I couldnt believe what i had done. You made me feel so low that i wanted to hurt you, and what i wanted more than ever was to take back what had happened, all of to point that i wish we had never met.

    I regret most of the way you made me feel. I can’t believe you kept me coming back for more. I felt so used and disgusted. You were a horrible excuse for a man. All you do is use women and i hate that. You dumped to the side of the curb when you were done with me. You just stopped caring when i wasnt what you wanted anymore. I gave a great guy for you and you treated me like shit. But what is really hate is how i cant forget you and how you left me lingering after every kiss. The way you made me feel was indescribable. I felt wild and free and like i could do anything. You made me feel alive and i wasnt afraid. But that is over now and i want you to know that i hate you. I have more hate for you than you ever could imagine. Learn and grow and treat other girls like me because in the end you will wind up sad and alone for the rest of your life.

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