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    Note to myself:

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    It’s about the story. Not about you. It’s for the stories. It’s for the characters. It’s for the ideas in the stories. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. No point in getting published if it’s meaningless work. Write from the heart. Related Post things strange Sometimes I Just Want to Scream


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    i wouldn’t even know who to send this to. we created the rules to life. we created the monetary system, nations, wars, democracy, socialism, capitalism, healthcare, crime, marriage, religion, slavery, genocide, the porn industry, the travel industry, big business, small business, the olympics, ships, the scientific method, the slow annihilation of our planet’s ecosystems, music,

    You’ll know

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    I am Maddie. There are probably millions of people out there that know someone named Maddie. But you will know me. It seems like ages since we have last spoken. How I remember it so clearly in my mind. Do you remember? Do you even care? Is there any part of you that wants to

    It’s not me, it’s you.

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    Dear friends, I didn’t know how else to start this letter – despite how fraudulent it feels to call you my friends any longer. I don’t really know how to be anything other than your friend. But I’m going to learn – I deserve better than what you’ve given me. The three of us have

    My Old Friend

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    We’re the same. We were best friends too long to not see it: the games we play with each other, the intricate stories we weave to convince the other that we’re okay with out the other, the double meanings in texts, the extra second we hold each other in a casual hug, the secret pit