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    From a Victim

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    To You, my rapist, Why did you do it? You were fourteen. I was seven. Neither of us were ready to do anything like what you made me do. Because of what you did, I have been in and out of therapy for three years after attempting to repress what you did. My first therapist


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    There is NO point in arguing, fighting, whining, bickering back and forth, hurting each other with things neither one of us wants to talk about. I love you and you love her. See, no point. Rational v. emotional. Fuck emotions. Related Post I’m Sorry Drifting Oceans Love…hidden…lost.


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    I am stupid but I am NOT blind It’s not called cheering you on It’s called loving you for who you are Yes, I am PMS’sing and on a emotional rampage -even though I have been to stressed to actually bleed ..bleeding, yeah, oh how I love me those word games sometimes 😛 Related Post

    Do you even realize? Remember?

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    It’s been three years now. So much has changed and nothing at all. Recap: Progress or defeat? Is there any direction at all, or are we simply floating on timeless space, spinning around the black hole until it finally sucks us, or either one of us, into the nothingness? The only constant: The depth of


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    john, you really ruined our friendship by telling me you love me, it really hurts to say this, but you’re really freaky…..i know you wont see this but still, i do not like you the way you like me… i have a boyfriend now, and he is way more attractive then you, and he’s just


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    Dear Wuke, I really didn’t want to write this letter. You know me, I don’t like talking about how I feel….or even thinking about it. Writing this is really the last thing I want to do. But I think I have to. I need to tell you how I feel. I wasn’t even 100% sure