• My best friend.

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    Dear you,
    What pains me most is that life is passing me by and every day that goes by is a day I’m not spending with you. I miss you, I miss fighting with you, I miss being in constant contact with my best friend, I miss laughing wholeheartedly at every stupid thing we used to find funny, I miss being able to confide in you with things I couldn’t tell anybody else and I miss how you were always on my side even though I was probably wrong a lot. I know now that your gone your my soul mate, I thought you’d always be here for me that’s why I let you go, but now your gone and you dont need me. Your my dream P, the one thing that made me fully and completely happy. Falling in love with you was the best thing iv ever done and you taught me how to love. I have this daydream where we see each other in our new lives one day and I smile at you and you smile at me and our bond over all our time together brings us back together and I run into your arms and this time I know never to let go. Every day I have a moment where I need you, where something happens and I think to myself “p was right” and I laugh and wish I could call you. I think back to November I wish I hadn’t let things break us apart, i wish id never let go of your hand, your perfect hand which mine fit perfectly into. I love you I wish you’d be my friend again….. From me x

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