• is it even worth it?

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    Dear A,

    sometimes I think to myself.. is it even worth it? The whole first 5 months of our relationship consisted of me being alone at home while you sat in jail. you promised me you would NEVER talk to your old friends. you told me all you needed was me. Well, right when you got out, I had to work all the time and you told me that you were going to your “brothers,” which was a code for druggies. The first time I caught you, I worked a full shift at the hospital in the Operating Room and I came home to an empty house. I began to wonder why the green bike was missing as you were too. So, I took a drive up the street where I found my green bike. . you were at the druggies. I took all your shit up there and dropped it off. You called and claimed all you did was play video games. That was strike 1. Then, you told me, babe ill never do it again, I promise. It happened multiple times after that.

    Strike 2, We decide to have a drinking night with my brother and his fiance. When I go to bed, you & him strip and have a modeling show and you’re wearing my thong underwear. Really? And when I walk out of my room to see what in the hell is happening, your balls are hanging out and you and her are out there ALONE. I get super pissed, and go in my room and slam the door and lock it. My door isnt hard to open at all. If you pull it back you can easily unlock it with your hand, but no you don’t even try. You and my brother’s fucking fiance.. decide to brush your teeth together and “go sleep on the couch.” My brother was in bed passed out as well. I start to wonder where you are and what you are doing so I walk out to see all the lights off in my house. All the lights are NEVER off… so I turn on the dining room light to see your head pop up out of her legs and you have the oh shit look on your face. I have no idea what to do so I scream at the top of my lungs and run out and start punching you. I ran into my brothers room and told him what I saw. Both you and her deny everything. she states, “I don’t even remember what happened last night.” So I believe you and decide to go against what my gut is telling me. Then tonight, I’m going through the phone records… the phone that I’m paying for, for you to use and I see her number has popped up. I go ask you if you two have been texting and you deny it… like you always do. IS IT EVEN WORTH IT?

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    1. NoName
      July 1, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      You know the answer to this, honey. <3

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