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    You parted today for OCS I am so proud of you; you have taught me so much and you’re a courageous man. You were like a brother to me, and I wish I could join you in the field of battle; where you will most likely go. You have changed me for better, and I

    The contradictory confusion

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    I’m hungry but I can’t eat. Exhausted but I can’t sleep. Thirsty but I can’t drink. I’m good and I’m bad. Right and wrong. Strong but weak. Old yet young. Assertive but passive. Independent but easily influenced. I’m this and I’m that. Take your pick. I don’t know who to trust Or what to believe.

    This one is for YOU.

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    Words can’t begin to describe how much I miss you. I don’t have the words to tell you how much I love you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. After all this time, you’re still with me. You still have all of me. I’ve never quite understood what everyone was


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    no matter how much i like sitting next to you and wearing your awesome boxers, i don’t want to do to you what i do to them. when i think of how often i want to kiss your cute lips and tickle you to death, i also think about a hefty price that goes along