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    I have always wanted to talk to you, write to you, get some of my pent up anger/frustration out. When I hear your name which, by the way in case you were wondering is never. It makes me want to scream.

    I truly think you’re a horrible person. I don’t care what lies that jackass told you to get you into bed about me. Or maybe he didn’t tell you any, maybe he just told you he’s miserable and that was all it took for you to interfere in the world of two other people. I don’t land all the blame on you. It mostly falls in his lap. What I can never understand is how you were capable of doing something like that? I don’t know you, I had no beef with you. I was just an innocent girl waiting at home for her boyfriend. I was completely in love with him.

    In a million friggin’ years I wouldn’t be able to do to someone what you were. You both have extremely loose morals to say the least. You helped a man ruin a person. Why? What kind of person slithers around town with some girl’s boyfriend and drives him home at the end of the night? Pulls around corners just outta sight? That took major balls. Was it exciting that at any moment someone could come out and catch you? Was it thrilling knowing that you could be responsible for a world of hurt? Do you have any feelings at all?

    I really have nothing but negative feelings towards you. You’re a fucking skank whore. I don’t feel inferior to you, I used to I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was so wrong with me. He came back in the end anyway though. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that he could trust me. That I don’t have loose morals, that I am compassionate and think of others before pursuing anything I want. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I let him and he’ll do it again. The thing that I hope you understand is that there was nothing special about you. Nothing at all, you were just there, willing and able. You just made everything so fucking easy for him. Had it not been you it would have been someone else.

    I’m glad you finally decided to stop contacting him. You were beginning to look like a desperate loser. Congratulations on that much. As for me, I’m an idiot for taking him back. More and more I’m aware that he’s not going to change. So here’s to the next girl.

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