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    to the she beast that causes strife,

    i do not mean to quote will smith but “sit right down and lemme tell you a story all about how my life got twisted upside down”, who the hell cares. i mean we get it sea cow, your life sucks we heard the story after story. people are listening to you but i goot to say “change the fecking record”. see cow i know you’re alone and in quit in a dark place. but please realize that everyone has their limit andd after a while you are and will always be OVRBeARING. the expectation you have for people, sea cow, is only measurable in fictional writing about the human experience. well it is mostly understandable considering that you have been through alot. but please get over yourself. there’s people who have had more damage to them, and you might be damaged, but damn you’ve damaged alot more people. i hate thee ffact that you live in the dorm where we met because now it is hard for a couple too go their without adding mental cognition on whether or not to see you smelly face and your FUPA…YEA. you act ugly.

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