• bastard

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    Stay the fuck away from us. Everyone else still cares but me. Your ass can’t be trusted. I’m sick of caring about you. You weren’t there threw my childhood. Where were you? Getting high. When bobby died? Getting high. When mom and dad were divorcing and blamed it on me? Jail. Oh look you stayed clean for 2 weeks out of prison! CONGRADUFUCKINGLATIONS! Then you came down here “clean” and it turns out you WERE COOKING METH IN OUR HOUSE WITH YOUR PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND! I havnt told mom that one. Yet. Now your in jail again. If you come back down here no one will take you in. They know you stole from me. And mom. And probably everyone else. No i don’t forgive you. No i’m not stupid like everyone else. No i’m not naive. It’s sad because i’ve started drugs too now. Maybe that’s why i hate you so much. Grow the fuck up you narcissistic dead beat piece of shit. Maybe if you were there for me and got out of it like kyle. Your kids don’t even know you.

    Your 16 year old (good job knowing my age) “sissy” -rachel.

    By the way, you show up at mommas, i know shell hesitate. I wont. I’ll blow your fucking brains out with christ as my witness. My aim is almost perfect. Have a nice life after you’ve burned all your bridges. Fuck you.

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