• I don’t get it

    by  • May 12, 2012 • Closure • 0 Comments

    Dear Jackass- yes you the one I’m still in love with

    Why did you have to come into my life again? I finally found me again and then you trampled all over that. I tried so hard to stay strong, but I gave in. You got me again.

    You always come back to me…you dump girls and then find me. It’s routine, it’s what you do. And I’m the only girl you won’t date. We know everything about each other and can’t get enough of each other….yet you treat me like complete asshole. I’m the one who’s always been there. I’m the one who listened to you when no one else did. I’m the one who makes you laugh like no one else. I’m the one who is NEVER enough. Why couldn’t you have stayed away…

    Now I’m trying to get over you for the 100th time. It hurts just as bad as the 1st. We work. It’s obvious. So why the fuck did it never happen? Is it because I’m the only girl you’ve actually cared about and that scares you? Scares you enough to watch me walk away? I’ll never get it. We’re fucked up. No one understands our relationship.

    I hope you find me in a few years when I’m happy again- with someone. And that’s when you’ll realize…you’re too late.

    You piss the fuck outta me, but you always find a way to my heart.

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