• I want what I can’t have

    by  • May 9, 2012 • To You • 0 Comments

    I didn’t want this… I never did, and yet here it is… I just can’t cope with this shit. You’re not making it easier. Why are you so fucking closed off? Why don’t you tell me things? Why do I always have to ask? Why don’t you just want to tell me?

    i fucking hate this

    fuck you

    fuck this

    you know? I’m always the one who is concerned about you running off. You never are, and yet I have a few people hitting on me constantly. I wonder if you saw that… If you realized that besides the normal assholes that wanna get some there was actually one or maybe two nice people trying desperately to get to know me better… If you knew, would you care? Or are you just that damn confident? Cause i gotta be honest… I’m starting to feel really fucking unimportant to you. it’s like you couldn’t care less. i hated these things about you before, but now? now it’s 100,000,000 times worse.

    and again, to be brutally fucking honest… right now you should be a little concerned. i didn’t want this. i didn’t fucking want this. i should never have said i was ok with it. because i am as far away from being ok with it as one can get.

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