• You had me from the very first kiss…

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    That first kiss, I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure if it was even a good idea to be there with you, I was confused… You had me pinned down on the couch, but refused to kiss me unless I was ready. I insisted I was, but wasn’t convincing in the least. You mocked my whine, with the funniest pout on your face, making me laugh and accuse you of making fun of me. Then I looked into your eyes, and I saw… I saw you. I saw nervousness, and I saw frustration, I saw patience and passion.
    You nuzzled into my neck so I felt the words you spoke against my skin, “I really wanna kiss you…”
    So simple, but you took my breath away.
    The kiss that followed was so sweet, my heart melted. I couldn’t believe how quick it escalated into something more, as nervousness moved over for lust. When we got up to go to your bed, my legs almost gave out.

    Your kisses make me melt…

    On the elevator, going up to your room, I can feel the impatience, the desire. As that little bell dings to let us know we’re on the 12th floor, you unpin me from the wall and I stumble. Every time. You put your arm around my waist and give me a big kiss to assure me there’s more where that came from…!

    The second your door closes, we’re at it again. Your lips find mine through the immediate removal of clothes, and the stumbling to get to your bed. The collapse on your bed is well warranted, and the passion grows. Lust once again takes over, and we lose control…
    …and we collapse into a tired heap. My head on your shoulder, our legs intertwined. I laugh, you laugh, and you pull me into a tight hug. Our breathing slows and you brush the hair from my face, placing your lips at my hairline. This is one of my favorite kisses, and you seem to know it. My heart melts every time you kiss my forehead, or the top of my head. You run your fingers through my hair, and I try to hide the grin on my lips. It’s no use, because I know you see it.

    You have so many kisses, and each of them leave me weak in the knees.
    The neck kiss, leaving me squirming and clinging to you before I collapse.
    The nose kiss, which always ends with a nibble, makes me so giddy I want to cuddle up to you and nuzzle into your neck.
    The ear kiss, giving me goosebumps and making me shiver.
    The cheek kiss, when you know that giving me another kiss on the lips would turn into something we don’t have time for. I love that you hold this kiss for a few seconds, your hands refusing to let go.
    The during-sex kiss, between ragged breathing and moans… the way you react so strongly to me sucking on your lip, the way you hoover your lips over mine… it drives me mad.
    You drive me crazy.

    I love it.

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    1. Christine
      May 1, 2012 at 7:16 pm

      *sigh* I know what that’s like. 🙂

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