• To Crush or Not To Crush, That Is What I Question

    by  • March 31, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Smitten • 0 Comments

    How do you know when you have a crush? Is it when you can’t stop thinking about him, or when people sigh and talk about their own crushes and you immediately think about him? Is it when you can’t stop thinking about the way his hair sort of sticks up a little at the back, and how much you’d like to run your fingers through it? Is it when he laughs, and you get little butterlies in your stomach? Is it when you tingle when he touches you, even by accident? Is it when you catch yourself thinking about him, even though you’re not supposed to? Is it when you feel guilty for checking him out, when he’s already dated one of your friends? Is it when you know that you can never have him because she already has? And that even if he did ask you out, you know you would want to say yes, but that you would probably turn him down because you know that everything he ever does to you, he probably did to her? But you can’t stop thinking about what his hand would feel like in yours? Is that what a crush is?

    If so… I’m screwed.

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