• Things I wish I could say

    by  • March 30, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    Wow. That’s all I can say. You have shown me in less than a year that someone cares. When I first met you, I’ll admit, I had a crush on you. But, as I got to know you and realized how similar our pasts were and how well we got along, I suppressed that in an effort to have an awesome friendship. And that I received. You motivate me to work hard every day, you send me silly things at always the right time that make me smile, and you listen. You really listen. I respect you and everything me and you have ever discussed. I love that we both are silly, loud, and have many of the same views. I was hurt very badly in the past, and I will admit, many of my days have been spent just getting through, not living for the present. But it’s funny, you’ve broke much of my wall down and I live for today now. I didn’t realize that at first. It’s nice to know someone’s got my back and is on my side, will watch kids movies with me, and will protect me even when you don’t have to. You have your faults and I have mine, but that’s what makes me enjoy your company and story even more. Well recently, it’s come out that you possibly have some feelings for me. That scared me for a while. I like to follow my head and not my heart. I didn’t and sometimes still don’t feel like I deserve you. Plus not knowing kills me, but I know you have just as many emotional scars as I do. So knowing you and me I’m just as ok with putting this in God’s hands. I have been doing some soul searching recently, because someone asked me how I feel about you. And you wanna know the answer? Here it is. I like you. Alot. I think you are an amazing person regardless if you know that or not. So take your time figure things out, but either way I’m ok. I have an awesome friend or amazing boyfriend. But thank you for showing me the light again.

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