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    I feel like an asshole.

    The morning before we first started this I sat across from her. She didn’t know who I was or that we had feelings for each other. She told me about how you two had been hooking up for the past week. I was uncomfortable and slightly put off. That night you came over, and we kissed, and you spent the night. I kept telling myself it was alright because you only hooked up with her when you were drunk and you were with me when you were sober. I realize now that I was wrong. The next week was a dream. We talked, laughed, did chemistry, kissed in front of everyone, you spent the night again. I thought we were going to be in a relationship. And then you went out to clubs with her, stayed up and talked all night with her, laughed with her, and stopped talking to me.

    I gave up on the idea of being with you. We stopped what we had, you stopped what you had with her too.

    But right now I couldn’t care less about you and her, about how you hurt me, I just want to fall asleep in your arms again.

    That is why I feel like an asshole.

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