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    K; you are like my sister, the one that will always be there to hug when I have a hard day. The one that will talk to me about my thoughts when they get dark and gloomy. The one that will talk to me about aliens and stars and eat too much cookie dough together 🙂 I know you aren’t happy right now, but you are a beautiful person, it will get better. You know I’m always by your side through this journey of life. I love you, ma dear.

    M; You’re amazing!! I don’t think anyone (including you) understands how much of an impact you will make on the world. You are so sweet and open-minded to anything. There isn’t one bad word I could say about you. You will get far in life. I hope you know that I’m ALWAYS here for you. As much as I have vented to you.. Especially lately… I hope one day, I can help you as much as you have helped me. This world needs more people like you, Miss M. 🙂

    B…You make me feel like the world is a wonderful place & there is always hope for everyone. You can make me laugh when I feel like everyone is against me. You keep me on my feet, you make me feel alive! I wish I could show you how much you mean to me. No matter where we both end up, I hope we stay friends forever. <3

    My baby, you are literally my world. Your smile can light up any room. I really hope and wish that you will get everything you wish for. And you will be whatever you want to be. I don't care if you are a professional Karaoke singer. You are an awesome singer for only being not even two.:)I wish I could capture you at this age and keep you here forever.
    When you get older,I hope your innocence stays with you for as long as possible, its beautiful. Its something you can never get back. Make sure the one you love, loves you just as much. If he doesn't, throw him back. He's not worth your time. You only deserve the best.
    &&; There is always that first heartbreak that hurts the worst. It feels like the world is ending, it isn't. I will be here to pick up the pieces as much as you will let me. You're an astounding little girl and you will find love again. There is no doubt in my mind.
    Even when I tell you to go to your room and you scream that you hate me.. I know that you don't mean it. I know that you will always be my baby and that you'll forgive me eventually. I love you my darling baby. You are everything.

    My husband.. I hope that we can work whatever is going on out.. You have a huge heart and I know that you would do anything and the lil girl that holds both of our hearts.
    We don't know what to do right now. We feel like we have to make it work. I hope we aren't forcing something that isn't actually real. I do love you and always will. You are the father of my child and there will always be a piece of you with me no matter how this goes, you are the one that kept my heart beating. I wish we could go back to the beginning and do it right. Get rid of the strain that is called distance from day 1.

    That one person;… Thank you for opening my eyes.

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