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    1. DC
      March 30, 2012 at 7:53 pm

      BTDT my young friend. I felt the same when I was young and it all stretched out in front of me. now that I’m 53 and certainly have more behind than in front…

      You’re going to make trip whether you want to or not..make the most of every moment; it’s all you have. Figure out what you want, what you really want, live towards that and you’ll find it. It may not happen for quite some time, though, so live each moment doing the best you can with it. You’re going to trip and fall; some sections of the path are rocky with unsure footing and it’s going to hurt sometimes, maybe a lot. But if it doesn’t kill you then you WILL grow and learn from it.

      I have some regrets – no one really told me anything like the above so I have some pretty bad decisions back there I regret. I wasted those moments and a huge number more as the calendar ran its course.

      Don’t do that. Well, you will, it’s part of it all, but go in remembering to stay true to yourself. As long as you do that and you really believe in what you want, you live your moments in that belief, then you will find yourself at my age able to be happy you made the trip.

      Don’t be afraid but, if you find yourself like that, let that fear be your driving force to overcome it. When you find love, the real thing, and you will, recognize it for what it is and do whatever you can to hold on to it. While that can sometimes be the hardest part of the path you will walk the rewards are always worth it. Love is what makes it all worth it. No, really, that’s the secret. Remember that.

      Be well and be at ease – the ride is what you make it so what is there to fear?

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