• Dear religion

    by  • March 30, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Thanks for tearing my family apart. I’m not exactly sure how telling my parents to shelter us from the ‘outside’ world did anything except create more socially awkward children. Luckily, I was born last, but for my two oldest brothers, the child guinea pigs, they had a lonely childhood.

    Now, instead of choosing to move on, grow up, and promise themselves to avoid forcing religion on others, they resent my parents and most of what they stand for.

    Gathering a whole bunch of emotional people in one room and promising to ‘fix’ them if you just idolize one higher power really is a clever plan, religion. But clearly it wasn’t working when every Sunday I would witness my mom crying during service.

    Your praying solution didn’t fix my dad’s bipolar disorder or my insane grandma that hates my mom. Funny thing about chemical reactions in the body–they’re real. it’s science.

    I understand you bring joy to lots of people, but that’s only after they have given their ‘life’, and money, and kids, and personal views up to you.

    No hard feelings, we just don’t have any chemistry.


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