• Not Sure How To Feel

    by  • March 29, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 8 Comments

    I gave this a lot of thought and I don’t think I ever really loved you.

    I guess I should be happy but it just distorts the memories of our time together. All those times I said I love you. All those times we pictured our future together.

    It wasn’t really real was it.

    Those memories that I used to cherish so much, all a farce that I now realized I put on.

    But now I’m not drowning in the past…

    I guess… I feel indifferent… and that scares me more than anything else

    8 Responses to Not Sure How To Feel

    1. Lola
      March 29, 2012 at 6:14 pm

      Was it just about the sex?

    2. Lola
      March 29, 2012 at 6:16 pm

      or rebound?

    3. K
      March 29, 2012 at 6:41 pm

      What made you realize it wasn’t really love?

    4. anonymous
      March 29, 2012 at 7:10 pm

      Shouldscare you a little……

    5. :)
      March 29, 2012 at 7:23 pm

      It probably was a fantasy bond.

    6. B
      March 29, 2012 at 7:43 pm

      Maybe the other person didn’t love you either? Ever think of that?

    7. D
      March 30, 2012 at 10:25 am

      The strongest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

      Happiness is a delusion, a fantasy we tell ourselves is real, we convince ourselves to believe in.

    8. D
      March 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

      If that’s you, C… well, call me.

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