• Million Little Pieces

    by  • March 29, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Do you remember the sweet, little girl you called yours… well she’s not here anymore…she’s in a million pieces you know…hiding where no one knows…will she come back? you ask…

    Well I don’t know.To you, oh no.You see, you were the one who broke her not me…you flirted, laugh, and asked her…
    and you loved her…then you fed her a bunch of lies.

    But that one day she didn’t know. Then she did and she was gone.I realized now, I’m kinda through…you’re the lost puppy not me…your “old” friends don’t talk to you. But every morning I wake up and everything reminds me of over…my sister and her boyfriend…I can’t look at them without thinking of plans that involved you…and Beauty and the Beast, I can’t watch that anymore…It reminds me of our first kiss…I’d much rather want to forget…and every now&then…I’ll have a breakdown or two. I’ll sit and say I want you back and how I’ll never be happy again. And then there’s days were I’m happy and loud! I laugh and smile and just be my old self. I think, maybe…that sweet little girl is coming back. You know, like pieces coming together! and only have those bad days…to remind me to get stronger..And surely when the sweet girl comes back. She surely won’t be back for you…cause you lost the best thing you will EVER have.

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