• U Can Only Push Me So Far!!!!!

    by  • March 28, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    We’ve been friends for years now. Although I always knew your true colors, I always thought you wouldn’t be that way toward me. I hate how you call me names, say I should look in the mirror, that I think im better then everyone, that you talk S*** about my friends and that you send me mix signals. Some days im your best friend, the only one you trust and the only ones who’s been there. But when I don’t wanna participate in your childish Bulls***, all hel* breaks lose. I’ve distance myself from you for months. I hate how I still wanna be there, that I try to “fit in” with you. Most of all I hate that you still can pull my strings. I wanna be free of the strings. I wanna be friends like we used to be. I miss you, the real you. But before that happens, you need to admit you were wrong. You know ME. You know im none of the things you said I was. You know im loyal, respectful, kind, giving and that I have BIG heart. You know that! You’ve seen that a millions times over. If anything your the one that needs to look in the mirror. You need to grow up. Act like a MAN. Not this little B**** that you can be. I know you can have the biggest heart, be giving, sweet etc. Why you chose to act like a jerk, I will never understand. One thing I do know and understand. If you don’t change soon, you will always be alone. No one has ever had the balls to put you in your place. But I promise if you EVER treat me badly again.. I CAN and WILL fight back. I know more things about you then ANYONE ON THIS EARTH. Don’t get me wrong I DONT wanna have to do it, but I will if I have to. You can only push me so far, till I break and im at my breaking point!

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