• It is you I miss

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    And so it begins again! I can’t sleep for thinking about you!! Have you though about me since we last spoke?? It’s funny how it feels like yesterday since the first night we spent together, but forever since we last touched or spoke! Never in my life have I felt more loved or safe. You behaved like a perfect gentleman and cocooned me in your arms, every fear I had ever had drifted away as I fell asleep, I knew right then from the moment we met you were special! You made everything else disappear and I glowed like a woman in love because I was!!

    But now you’re not here and I have continued to lie to myself to stay strong. I tell myself your not worth the heart ache, I have not allowed myself to shed a tear for you, for us, for what could have been. But most of all I tell myself it’s not you I miss, it’s just the company. Until, well today. He’s attractive and very flattering but he’s not you!! And as I write this the tears are silently rolling down my face because It is you I miss!!

    I want to tell you so badly, but I don’t even know if you care anymore. Please, just call me. I need to your hear voice.

    You are still the man of my dreams, you are still who I see myself dancing around the house with and walking along the beach with. You are still the one I want to share my dreams with. I don’t want to forget!!

    I miss you
    L xxxx

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