• Christian, it is all said and done.

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    Dear Christian,

    I actually do not mind if you read this letter, for I am writing it because it is the truth. The truth has finally set me free from you. I do not wish to be with you, despite the tie of the abortion, I now know how awful you are. I believe that you took things from me I will never have back, but it has made me into who I am today, and I love myself. There was a time when I cried to you everyday for leaving me after you urged me to have an abortion, a time that showed how insecure I was. I am not that girl anymore, I am a woman now. My self-worth is back, and I look ahead, rather than behind. I know I am better than you. I know I will go further than you. I know that I will meet someone who one day that will make everything you and I went through seem like a page of a book, rather than a chapter in my life. The pain and the manipulation you threw onto me, I see it now as a lesson. I no longer ache, I no longer cry. When I look at pictures of us, I laugh, and truly ask, “Why?”. Why did I ever give you a chance, you were incredibly immature. And still are. That baby, well, it may be lucky that it didn’t have a father like you. You probably would have turned out like your own, who is not a father at all. Or even worse, like your step-father, who is a raging alcoholic. I am currently thanking God nearly everyday that he gave me the strength to get out of our twisted relationship, because now, I am shining again. I am finally me.

    I do not love you.
    I do wish you the best.
    I do hope you never talk to me again.
    I do hope you realize that I loved you more than any girl ever will.
    I do hope you see one day just how much you tore me apart.
    I do hope you cry.
    I do hope you smile like me when I think of us. Smile because we are DONE.

    Always, Molly L. C.

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