• What Happened

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    Dear K
    I was the new girl this year. I saw you in the hallway and thought, “maybe one day he’ll talk to me.” Well we did more than talk, you became my best friend. I had never been so instantly attached to someone before but something about you drew me in. I knew you had a girlfriend, and I was perfectly fine with being just friends even if I secretly wanted more. Then one day, you told me how you felt. You said that I made you nervous and you made escuses to see me and that you liked me. As more than friends…but I resisted. I was not going to be “that girl” who got in the way of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. But even I couldn’t deny the attraction between us. Our moods revolved around each other and one argument turned into depression until we worked it out and then we were all smiles. We still talked and hung out but nothing physical, until you told me what I longed to hear. You and your GF had broken up. Of course I still wasn’t going to do or say anything until you made the first move. I couldn’t believe it, I was in love. I was hooked on you and everything convinced me you felt the same. You even thought about changing your life plans to be closer to me. But then something changed…you said that you were going off and wouldn’t see me much. You were’t sure how things would work long distance and the next thing I know you are back with your GF. It looks like you got what you wanted from me then as soon as you could, you pulled back and have nothing to do with me. It’s been weeks and it still kills me to see you in the hallways. Thanks for breaking my heart.

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