• Age is just a number

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    You are 4 years my junior and I know that makes it wrong but I couldn’t help myself. You caught my attention from the first time we met; those eyes of your reeled me in and I was hooked. I was on the rebound and I knew we had to be careful. But it was hard. Reallll hard. I was always stuck on the notion that ‘once you go black, you never go back’ but sweety you blew that out of the water… We started slow, in my car after basketball a few times, just a few kisses leading to making out, just getting to know each other. But then something happened, you lit a fire inside me that needed you, you and more you. More than anyone before. Before I knew it we were at my house, your house, your hunting blind, wherever we could get together. And it was amazing. That Friday night when I was at your house for almost 8 hours, just you and me, I think of that often. I’ve never had a night quite like that. You had experience well beyond your years. Kissing my neck, nibbling, oooooh that spot on my hips that you were so fond of, I never told you how much that got me going. Entangled in your sheets, our bodies twisted as one. I have never felt so close to someone before and I often don’t think I will again. But you have set the standard, K, you really have. Your body. God, your body. Your chest. Your abs. Your strong arms and legs. And of course your penis. I swear that thing was magic. How I loved when you pressed against me, into the bed, the wall, the floor, the back seat, all over your poor house. I loved when you got a lil rough when I would tease you. You’d pick me up and thrust so hard, good lord what I would give to have those days back. I didn’t even care when you ripped my favorite bra off, I just ripped your shirt in return. I pass your house from time to time and remember the days when we would barely make it in the door before our clothes were on the floor.

    But I also remember the days of being curled up under the blankets during the thunderstorm just watching the lightning or destroying your kitchen while trying to cook from scratch. Oh how I miss that kitchen. I explored it in more ways that I thought I ever would. You sir sure know how to use your utensils. Yes, yes you do.

    Not only were you a pro in bed, you were a true gentleman. Always so kind and perfect. I wish that more people got to see that side of you. But then again I don’t because that would only add to my competition… And I don’t know how I’d handle that. I became quite fond of you during our time…

    I think of you often. I think of you fondly. I still wonder how it all fell apart. But I try not to think negatively on it, you helped me explore and really find me. And for that I thank you. I hope that one day we cross paths again, I wouldn’t mind a round 2,3, or 9 😉


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    1. that girl
      March 26, 2012 at 11:43 pm

      Why did you guys break up?

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