• This is to so many people

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    Why didn’t you ever give me a chance?

    Was I too weird/complicated/unfamiliar/not hot enough/avoidable/invisible/too different/too overweight/too uninteresting/too much?

    Why when I gave you the chance, did you walk away/hang up the phone/avoid me in the hallway/act as if we were strangers/ didn’t push further/ refused to acknowledge my existence?

    Was I not worthy of your love/attention/kindness/affection/friendship?

    Was I not valuable enough/friendly enough/ interesting/beautiful/smart/ and as talented as you?

    Why did you make me feel unappreciated/like a deformity/ like the song “she will be loved (someday)?

    They say high school is either the best or worst moments of your life.
    Mine were the worst.
    I tried EVERYTHING to get your approval/your acceptance/acknowledgment

    and for what?

    Now I’m with someone who loves me/ SEES me/ caresses me/ kisses me/ holds my hand/ dances with me.

    If you truly thought I was worth it then why didn’t you ask me to a dance/said hi in the hallways/told me i was smart/ told me i was beautiful/ loved me for who i am.

    Even just a nod…but you didn’t.

    You didn’t care/acknowledge/valued me.

    And now I’m wondering why I wasted so many years wishing you would notice/care.

    Why am I the one that says hi/adds you/ acknowledged you/cared even though I shouldn’t.

    I’m not asking for you to love me. I am asking you to at least acknowledge and not deprecate how I felt and dismissed it.

    Don’t act like were strangers…because right now, I am telling you I will never say hi to you, until you realize that you missed a great friendship, and a great person in me.

    Love N.

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