• Seriously?

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    I honestly feel sorry for you. For the rest of your life you’re going to feel like I let you down, like I wasn’t there for you, and that I changed into a person who didn’t care. While in fact, it was your inability to see and understand reality that has let you down and left you hanging. Yes, Mathew, I HAVE changed. I am not your personal therapist. It is not my job to solve all your life issues. And it blows my mind that you would even think that I should, after you haven’t talked to me or tried to continue to be friends with me for almost four years.

    How can you presume to contact me, demanding information and insight and advice, when we haven’t spoken in this long? And how dare you think you have a right to be hurt and angry because I’m not interested in helping you. You told me I’m “too caught up” in my own life. And you know what, I’m sorry you feel that way. But why in the world do you think I should be caught up in yours? Do you feel like you have at all earned my attention or willingness to help you cope with your apparently horrible life? Because I don’t honestly see that. You didn’t even ask me about my life, but that’s apparently irrelevant information, just cluttering the significance of everything you have to say. I am truly sorry that you feel like your life is such shit, and that you’ve been through horrible things, but someday you’ll have to realize that having a bad day or month or year isn’t an excuse for for being a jerk.

    We aren’t friends, Mathew. We haven’t been in years. You said that you’d grown up and have changed so much from the person you were before. I don’t see it. You still expect me to fix your life, and I’m really done.

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