• Same old story

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    Dear K,

    You’re back with that fellow. Again. No matter what you’re telling us, or even yourself, it’s pretty clear what is going on. All the little things that have always given you away, you’re doing them. Yet you won’t admit it, at least not us. Maybe not even to yourself. Is it perhaps because you know what we’ll say? Maybe you’re even scared we’re right?

    Think back to the fist time you dated this clown… Why did you leave him? You claimed it’s because he just wasn’t that in to you. Sure he went through the motions (poorly), but that’s all they were. You rightly assessed the situation. He was more into dating, than into dating you. He wanted a girlfriend, and a future. Not necessarily you. You were just convenient. That’s aside from the way he treated you in front of your friends. Called you names, talked down at you, and anything you’d do, despite your efforts carrying his sorry ass through life.

    How about the next time, a couple years later… After on and off flirtations and games he came and said he’d had a change of hear, that he really did want you. How’d that play out for ya? You were one of how many girls he was playing with that time around. You said that was it, that he’d used his chances.

    Even when you guys aren’t dating he toys with you, and treats you poorly. He plays games with you for no other reason than to play games. He does stuff that he knows will hurt you for his own amusement. He is a total ass to your family, your friends, and most importantly you.

    But here you go again, whether you’ll admit it or not it’s obvious. You talk about it just being a fling, and that despite your hopes there is no future. Hopes are a future. Making plans to be closer to him is a future. Even if all you say was true, what is the point of submitting yourself to that again, even temporarily? You’re setting yourself up for the same hurt. The same cheating. The same lies.

    He may say he wants a future with you. He’s said that before. He may say he’s changed. He’s said that before. It’s the same song and dance. He comes back to you when he doesn’t have another option. He doesn’t want you, he wants someone. And you’ll do as well as anyone.

    You deserve better,


    2 Responses to Same old story

    1. llllll
      March 25, 2012 at 5:32 pm

      That’s nice of you to be so concerned. Did you date her before?

    2. B
      March 26, 2012 at 12:31 pm

      I didn’t.

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