• I’m Really Not Such a Bad Kid

    by  • March 25, 2012 • Parents • 0 Comments

    Dear Incredibly Fucking Stupid Parents,

    NO, I’m not trying to undermine your authority. I would just appreciate it if you would stop being so damn crazy. Sorry, but reading my messages and mail is not okay. I am eighteen and have a right to privacy.

    Sorry, that I disagree with you, but you need to just shut the fuck up once in awhile. Not everything is done just to spite you. I don’t give a shit whether you’re my parents or not you have no right to hit me and you have no right to inform me that I can’t have a bank account of my own. You may have been the boss of me for awhile, but that quickly coming to an end.

    I do love you guys, but with how often you freak out about something incredibly stupid like the internet, (sorry the world doesn’t run on your schedule) I’m not going to tell you the important things like who I like and who I want to date. If I can’t even trust you to trust me why the hell should I trust you with anything else.

    I do love you, but trust me as soon as possible, I am getting the hell out of this house. You can kiss my ass for all I care! I would love it if you could be part of my life, but I’m not going to let you if you won’t let me live it. Sorry, but there are other ways to pay for college than by you co-signing my loan. I’m not entirely useless. I do know somethings. By all means I don’t know everything, but you sure as hell don’t either.

    While you’re yelling at me because I want to play a video game when I’m sick you just decrease your chances of actually knowing anything about me. I shouldn’t have to go and stay at a friends house on a school night because you flipped out about the internet and kicked us out. (I don’t care what you say. That’s what you did.) Mom wasn’t there to witness it, so she doesn’t know what happened. She of course though only believes you.

    If I’m gonna get smacked for standing up to your bullshit, then what the hell is going to happen if I tell you that I’m gay. Hell, if you payed any attention you’d already know, but you have your head so far up your ass you can’t even smell shit anymore. There are signs everywhere. For god’s sake, I wear an effing rainbow on my sleeve! Once in awhile, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a look around.

    Just because I disagree with you, it doesn’t mean that someone else is feeding me ideas. Believe it or not I can think for myself.

    Your “Disrespectful” Daughter

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